Releasable Cable Ties

Use and reuse these Releasable Cable Ties to temporarily fasten wires, cables, and hoses. Cable management makes the computer, home theater or networking installation neat, clean and easy to manage.

Bundling and identifying wires also reduce the chance for tripping or snagging a wayward cable and damaging valuable equipment. Plastic zip ties are one of the least expensive and easiest to use cable management devices.

Simply wrap the tie around a cable bundle, feed the tail into the head and pull it tight. These ties have the added benefit of being reusable with a small latch on the head that releases the locking mechanism, allowing you to pull out the tail, add another cable to the bundle, then tie it back up again.

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♦ Material: Nylon 66,94V-2 certificated by UL, Heat-resisting, erosion control, insulate well and not apt to age.
♦ Usage: Reusable

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